KAH Medical Supplies

KAH Medical Supplies is dedicated to providing innovative medical solutions for the post-surgical phase of care. 

The Nasal Drip Pad is a product that was designed to be a highly absorbent and effective dressing while promoting comfort to patients experiencing nasal drainage after nasal surgery. 

The founder of KAH Medical Supplies, Karen Hart, Family Nurse Practitioner, devised the idea for the Nasal Drip Pad after undergoing sinus surgery. The only product available to her was gauze secured by tape. The use of tape on her face made her skin sensitive and very irritated. Many of Karen’s patients also complained about their own discomforts from the tape. Since Karen is a patient advocate and due to her own negative experience, she was determined to provide a better dressing solution while promoting a more tolerable experience after nasal surgery: Hence, the Nasal Drip Pad was born.